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Designed and Engineered in Japan

Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Conditions

Mobile/E-DIN Size with short chassis

+12V to +24V DC Power Input

Front Fire Speaker: Speaker is mounted at the front of the unit, allowing better sound clarity.

4 Watts Maximum TX Output Power: Maximum transmit power.

40 AM CB Channels: Allows you to choose from 40 transmission frequencies to transmit or receive messages.

Channel Selector

Variable Squelch Level Knob

Volume Control Knob

Backlit Keypad and LCD Display: Features a 3 level dimmer function.

RF Level Bar Indicator: View the radio frequency signal strength.

ANL (Auto Noise Limiter + Noise Blanker) Function: Will reduce unwanted noise for better reception.

One Touch Instant Channel Recalling: Instantly switch to your favourite channel, such as the road channel and back with the touch of one microphone button.

Open Scan: Scans all the channels in memory and locks on active channels.

Group Scan (GS) with Priority Channel Watch: Allows the user to select the channel they want to monitor / listen to in a group, along with a priority channel (priority watch).

Dual Watch Function: Allows you to monitor any channel for activity every two seconds while monitoring another channel at the same time.

Roger Beep On/Off | Key Lock

Call Tone Function: Choose from one of 5 wake-up tones to initiate your transmission with the touch of one microphone button.

Rear MIC Jack: A secondary microphone jack is located at the rear panel for discrete connection of the microphone with 2m extension cable.

External Speaker Jack.

INCLUDES: 1 x PRO5050 Radio, 1 x Microphone, 1 x Microphone Hanger, 1 x DIN Mount Sleeve & Removable Bracket, 1 x DIN Power Cord with Fuse * Range may vary depending on environmental and/or topographical conditions # Please note It is illegal to operate this radio transceiver outside of NZ