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XTRAK40 Features

80 UHF Narrowband Channels*: Choose from up

to 80 Frequencies to transmit and receive messages.

Instant Replay Function: Record and Replay

up to 3 minutes of recently received Transmissions

Master Scan® – Uninterrupted Communication

Master Scan® allows a group of users to seamlessly

communicate on not just one channel but a group of

channels. If your current channel is interrupted by others

outside of the group, all radios in your group will

automatically hop to a new clear channel allowing

seamless uninter- rupted communication to continue.

Mini Compact Size: 29mm (H) x 128mm (W) x 103mm (D)

UHF & Scanner In One#

External Speaker Jack (Rear)

Police and Fire Frequencies#

12 / 24 Voltage Suitable for any vehicle

100 Extra Receive Only Channels: (400-520MHz

in 12.5kHz Steps)#

Heavy Duty Speaker Microphone with

Smart Key Function

Mic Smart Key: Allows you to toggle between the Voice

Enhancer Feature, Instant Replay Feature, Instant Channel

or Call Tone Feature depending on your requirements.

Large LCD Display Feature:

Large icon display.

7 Colour LCD / Backlit Options: Select from 7 backlit

colour options: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Cyan, Yellow

and Clear (white) and 4 brightness levels: Off, Lo, Mid

and Hi.

Voice Enhancer: Choose from 4 different audio level

settings (Normal, Bass, Midrange and High) to provide a

natural Voice Enhancer for super clarity and performance.

Interference Eliminator (CTCSS):

Block out unwanted conversations.

Digital Coded Squelch (DCS): Choose from 104

alternative digital codes that can be sent with your

transmission. The digital code is recognised by the

selected receivers enabling them to receive the

transmission. Receivers that do not recognise the digital

code remain silent therefore blocking out unwanted


Built-In AVS Circuitry:

The Automatic Volume Stabiliser detects Narrowband

and Wideband transmissions and automatically adjusts

incoming audio to comparable levels.

5W Transmission Power: Maximum transmit power.

Signal Strength and RF Power (S/RF) Meter

Instant Channel Programming and Recall:

Program any channel as the Instant priority channel

and recall it at the touch of a button.

Open Scan: This scan mode scans all channels

in memory and locks on any active channel.

Group Scan: This scan mode allows the user to select

the channels they wish to monitor / listen to in a group,

along with a priority channel (priority watch).

Duplex Capability: Allows the radio to operate via

a local repeater station, if available, which re-transmits

your signal over a wider area. Up to an extra 3-100km

depending on location, height and availability of local

repeater station.

Triple Watch: Allows you to monitor two channels

plus the standby channel every 1.5 Seconds.

Key Beep On / Off Feature

Rotary CH/VOL Select Knob

Busy Channel Lock-out Function: Disables your

transmitter while activity is detected on the channel.

Roger Beep Function On/Off: Confirmation tone

indicates the completion of your transmission.

Voice Scramble Function: Enabling private

communication by scrambling the voice signal, preventing

other users without special scrambling equipment from

understanding the conversation. Compatible Uniden units

will be able to understand the signal.

Call Tones: Transmit up to 10 different calling tones to

contact other users.

Key Lock

Power On/Off Control Switch

Designed and Engineered in Japan

Built for Rugged Australia and

New Zealand Conditions