Slim Plus Portable Jump Starter PBJS9000-S-Plus





Slim Plus Portable Jump Starter and Power Bank Powerful enough to jump start motor bikes, cars and other vehicles multiple times and small enough to carry on you or keep in your glovebox, this compact and lightweight portable Power Bank will also recharge all your smartphones, tablets and other USB powered devices on-the-go. 

12V 350Amp maximum jump start current

9000mAh portable rechargeable battery with a powerful 2.1A USB outport to swiftly recharge devices multiple times.

Built-in reverse polarity, spark, circuit, voltage and overcharge protection features to ensure the safety of all your vehicles and devices

USB adapter cable with Apple and Micro USB plugs to fit most major portable electronic devices

Stand by battery life of up to 6 months, perfect ‘peace of mind’ power companion for the glove box, bike or emergency survival kit

Ultra-bright 86 lumen LED flashlight with SOS and strobe functions

Battery life over 1,000 full charges

One year warranty